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Head Start Branding

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We recently rebranded the website of Region 9 Head Start and through our strategic design process, we arrived at the soul of their brand; Elevating the Head Start Community. We wholeheartedly wish to participate in this mission and welcome Head Start Associations and Programs to brand themselves.

We believe that branding agencies will increase registrations and make finding new teachers less difficult. It is our belief, our wish, and our mission.

Please contact us to further discuss our branding services for the Head Start community.

So much has happened in the last few years for Head Start

Not only has the pandemic affected enrollment but it has also affected the number of teachers available in the marketplace. Also, with UPK, Head Start programs need more than ever to be top of mind in their community. This is a difficult thing to do.

We believe that branding is one of the solutions. By branding, especially over time, your agency will become visually recognized by your target groups, direct and indirect. Also, of great importance, branding along with visual integration brings a different level of trust and quality that is not possible to build any other way.

Ask yourself, when you purchase or choose a product or service, did you choose it because you liked the packaging? Did you like the advertisement?  Most probably. Everything we purchase from bread, cars, and even how we choose our doctors, we choose in part due to their branding. Our society believes that well-designed brands are better and of higher quality than those that are not.

At Manon Branding, we believe that branding affects most of our choices and it is mostly subconscious.

We are experts in Head Start branding. Let us explain to you why.

Strategic Messaging

We believe that it is only by being intentional in your messaging and using the same simple message over and over again that a message is understood.

Integrated Visuals

Integrating all visual elements is a basic tenet of branding. It is how a brand becomes noticed and eventually remembered.

Increased Perceived Quality

Imagine if all your flyers, website, business cards, videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc... are all visually the same. Simply, it increases perceived quality.

Effective Enrollment Strategies

Each Head Start program has a unique demographic mix. We help you communicate effectively to each one of your direct and indirect target groups; potential teachers, different ethnic groups, school districts, and more.


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