Do you have a vision for your company, your brand? Do you know what you would like people to say about your business, your product 5 years from now?

At Manon Marketing, we start from your vision and we build your brand from there.

The Corporate Identity or Soul, in the broadest sense, is the configuration of words, images, ideas, experiences and ideas that form a customer’s aggregate perception of your company or product. The Soul is the companys unique fingerprint that makes it one of a kind.

The Soul includes all tangible and intangible executional elements such as the company name, logo, graphic system, website, social media posts, advertising, public relations, promotional products and so on.

Building the right brand can be the single most efficient way to protect and nurture a companys equity.


We use a 5 step method to develop a brand:
1. Analysis of the marketplace, competition, the company and its customers
2. Assessment of the company’s vision, mission and values
3. Creation of the Soul
4. Development of the Marketing Communication Plan
5. Implementation


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