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At Manon Marketing, the soul of your brand is everything. It’s at the core of all you do and who you are.
We evangelize that every decision you make — from your logo, your office decor, your customer service, your advertising, your uniform, your marketing materials, your website, etc — enriches or undermines your business and your brand’s success.
Through our discovery process/analysis, we discover the soul of your brand. Then we create a marketing communication plan to bring your brand into existance.
We develop tailored communication and marketing objectives for each one of your target groups, direct and indirect and create strategies for these objectives.  From there we  create all tools for the implemention of the marketing communication plan. This usually includes a logo, website, marketing materials, SEO, SEM, PR and much more.
Our results speak for themselves.


Through our discovery process, we uncover your brand’s soul and create your brand. Then we develop a Marketing Communication Plan which we implement to bring your brand to life.


Discovery Process

  • Analysis of the marketplace: size, segments, regionality, seasonality, legislative/social environment, trends, market opportunities, loyalty of product/service category
  • Analysis of the current brand: history, products and services offered, regionality, seasonality, communication history, other
  • Analysis of the competition: Perceived size, product and service offering, corporate identity, positioning, personality, sales tools, promotional materials and promotional activities, pricing (if possible), communication tools, SWOT, perceptual maps for most important attributes if needed
  • Analysis of direct and indirect target groups/persons and markets: defining all target groups, direct and indirect decision makers, demographics, psychographics, usage patterns, media habits, etc


Creation of the Soul of your Brand

  • Name Change (when applicable)
  • Unveiling of the Soul
  • Creation of THE Story of the Brand
  • Creation of the Brand Personality and Tonality
  • Creation of Tagline
  • Creation of the Manifesto
  • Development of Elevator Speech



Development of Marketing Communication Plan

  • Creation of Communication Objectives per target group/person
  • Development of marketing communication strategies for each objective
  • Development of tactics for each strategy
  • Creation of Marketing Communication budget



  • Development of brand guidelines including graphical elements, colors, fonts
  • Creation of logo(s)
  • Design of website per branding
  • Creation of online store(s)
  • Development of advertising and promotional materials per marketing communication plan
  • Creation of ads for printed and online advertising
  • Creation of videos for website and advertising on Facebook/Instagram and YouTube
  • Creation of press releases per Public Relations section of marketing communication plan
  • Design of vehicle wraps, wall art, employee uniforms and more as needed per marketing communication plan



Ongoing Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media postings
  • Print, Online and Broadcast Advertising Campaign Management
  • Development of additional tools – press releases, materials, videos, etc.
  • Website updates and security
  • Development of phone apps
  • Development of tailored software
How to differentiate yourself from your competition


Have you ever noticed how BMW stands for Performance, VOLVO for Safety, MC DONALD’S for Folks, Food and Fun? This is no accident. Fortune 100 brands are developed and conceived with a “Soul”.


What is a Soul?

In marketing terms, it is defined with a brand personality, a feel, a tonality and visual elements, a “visual jingle”,  that creates a memorable identity in the mind of the potential target group.

How a soul is created

Most owners of small and medium sized businesses have a vision for their business. We help them formulate this vision into a soul. Of course, we take into account the competition, the current marketing and more. Often, we interview customers to find out what they like about your business. Basically, each business is different and we use a variety of methods to get to the Soul of a business.

The crucial plan

The Marketing Communication plan  is developed from the “Soul”. It gives the brand’s marketing and communications strategies its unified tone, integrated visuals elements, and recognizable feel. These include all marketing materials, website, online advertising and marketing,  promotions, social media, public relations and everything else agreed to in the marketing plan.

We are partners in your business

Once all is implemented, we like to stick around and help our clients grow. We have a pretty good track record and many success stories for our clients.  Take a moment to watch some of our testimonials and then call us for a free consultation.

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