DESKTOP and MOBILE sites – who wins?

Just a few years ago, having a mobile site was a BIG deal… now, it is the norm. But what’s really interesting, is to dig a little deep to understand web behavior.

According to @similarweb, mobile traffic represents 56% of all US traffic on the web, but even more interesting is looking at the total time spent on websites. 60% of time spent on websites is on desktop versus mobile (source SimilarWeb). These numbers suggest that more people surf on their phones but when they really want to spend time on a page, they use their desktop. So, what is the bottom line? Mobile drives more traffic worldwide, but desktop users spend more time on sites.

Let’s look at another statistic, the bounce rate. To refresh your memory, the bounce rate means the percentage of your visitors who left your site after looking at only one page. What is notable is the bounce rate of mobile is close to 45% versus desktop around 31%. This again confirms the idea that people may surf more on their phones but will read in detail on their desktops. Page views seem to confirm this point with 58.5% for desktop and 41.5% for mobile.

So, how do you apply this information to your business?
First, you need to make sure your website visitors have a great mobile site experience.
Second, keep in mind that visitors will not stay as long on your mobile site than on your desktop site. In other words, you may consider designing some features on your mobile that may not be on your desktop site.
Third, ask us for information regarding the differences between industries, they may vary in your favor. We may have other recommendations tailored just to your business.